Wig & Hair Donations

Hair Donations

If you’re thinking about donating your hair:

For all hair donations:

  • Hair must be clean, dry and not swept off the floor.
  • Hair must be a minimum length, based on the requirements of the hair donation program.
  • In most cases, hair should not be chemically treated (bleach, colour or perm).
  • Hair should be bundled in a ponytail at both ends.

Send hair by regular mail to the hair donation program of your choice. Include your name and address to receive an acknowledgement.

Wigs for Kids
244 Grantham Avenue
St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 4Z4
(905) 937-1623


Requirements: minimum of 12 inches, No Chemically treated or colored hair, No Grey hair, no dreadlocks, please make sure that the hair is clean & dry before sending.

A Child’s Voice Foundation
3034 Palstan Road, Suite 301
Mississauga, ON L4Y 2Z6
(905) 275-3139


Requirements: A minimum length of 12 inches is required, Curly hair may be pulled straight to measure the minimum 12 inches, Hair that is slightly coloured or grey is acceptable. Perms or bleached hair is not, Hair cut years ago is useable if it has been stored in a braided ponytail, Hair that is shaved off, or swept off the floor, and is not in a braided ponytail is not usable, Dreadlocks, wigs, falls, hair extensions or synthetic hair is not acceptable.

Hair Donation Ottawa

Attn: CHEO Foundation
415 Smyth Road
Ottawa, ON K1H 8M8
(613) 737-2780


Requirements: No hair donation goes to waste and all lengths are accepted with a $25 donation to Hair Donation Ottawa for CHEO. Hair must measure a minimum 12 inches in length after being cut in order to be eligible for wigs, and any hair unsuitable for wigs is sent to help with environmental clean up efforts championed by Green Circle Salons. Unsuitable hair includes donations of less than 12 inches in length, beard and hair trimmings, bleached or permed hair and dreadlocks.

Hair Donation Program
Eva and Co. Wigs
107-950 W. Broadway
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K7


Hair should be washed and fully dried (wet hair will not be used), Do not braid, Tie the top end only, Hair should be a minimum of 10 inches in length, Hair should not be currently coloured or permed, We accept grey hair, Hair should not be more than 2 years old, Please mail all hair donations to our address below. No drop offs please

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