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Our Mission

Shine Through the Rain Foundation aims to help individuals and families affected by life-threatening illness, working hard to improve and enrich the lives of those who approach us in their time of need. We support adults, children and families from all walks of life, providing advice, guidance and financial support as they try to navigate emotional, physical and financial challenges that arise from a health crisis. Our organization offers care, comfort and compassion as we endeavor to shine a light on the devastating impact of life-threatening illness.

Do you like what we do and would like to get involved? Along with many volunteer opportunities we also welcome a range of options for donations. Click the donate now button to learn more about how you can contribute to our cause.

Shannon Kroon

Shannon Kroon

Executive Director

Shannon has worked with the Shine Through the Rain Foundation since 2010. She began as the office manager but was soon promoted to the Executive Director. She brings a wealth of operations, office and management experience to her role. Shannon has been impacted by cancer on a very personal level. Her father died at the young age of 45 years old of cancer while her mother was given financial support from others during this sad time. Shannon’s mission is to be an advocate for the Shine Through the Rain Foundation and to create awareness of the many programs offered and are available to people dealing with cancer. She strives to make a difference in the lives of many and is very proud to represent this great cause.

Laurie Docimo

Laurie Docimo

Sponsorship and Grants

Laurie is thrilled to join Shine Through the Rain Foundation and understands the toll a life-threatening disease can take on the family. She is passionate about the cause, especially since her father had cancer.

Laurie’s background includes grant writing, sponsorships, fundraising, resource development, media relations, volunteer management and marketing. She recently taught Fundraising & Volunteer Management courses at George Brown College and workshops at Durham College. She is also a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University, with an Hons BA in Sociology and Psychology.

Please contact Laurie to discuss partnership ideas.

Courtney Kroon

Toronto Programs Navigator

Courtney brings extensive experience and commitment to Shine Through the Rain Foundation. As a seasoned volunteer and Registered Practical Nurse (RPN), she effortlessly integrates into the organization, eliminating any learning curve.

Courtney’s dedication to the foundation is evident in her long-term volunteer service, underscoring her passion for its mission. Her role as an RPN enhances her contribution, offering immediate productivity and valuable expertise in collaborating with healthcare professionals.

Personal experiences, including the loss of family members to cancer, deepen Courtney’s empathy for those facing life-threatening illnesses. With RPN training and strong communication skills, she is well-suited to fulfill the foundation’s responsibilities seamlessly from day one. Courtney’s qualifications and commitment position her as an exceptional addition ready to make a meaningful impact at Shine Through the Rain Foundation.

Jocelyn Roche

Communications and Volunteer Coordinator

Jocelyn is overjoyed to join Shine Through the Rain Foundation.  She has had a position in Management for over 15 years.   Jocelyn is passionate about helping and caring for others and has always had a huge heart for those in need. 

Like many of us, Jocelyn has lost family members to life-threatening illnesses, and understands the pain deeply. She loves people, and her values align perfectly with Shine Through the Rain Foundation. Jocelyn is excited about what we do and who we are. 

Her experience in managing people, coordinating, and communication will make her a great addition to our team. 

Shankave Sritharan

Program Services Assistant, Summer Student

Shankave Sritharan is a post-secondary student enrolled in the Life Sciences program at McMaster University. She is currently in her 2nd year, working towards obtaining an Honors bachelor’s in science degree (BSc). She was excided join the Shine Through the Rain Foundation as a Summer Student and learn about the various ways the foundation is able to assist families through challenging times. Shankave is passionate about Equity and ensuring that those experiencing hardships receive the help and resources they need. She feels honoured to be apart of a foundation that helps families through difficult times and brings awareness to their struggles.

Our Volunteers

Marcia Aquino


I’m an immigrant, from Brazil. Have been in Canada for 23 years – love it here. I am a proud mom of 2 kids, Lucas, 20, and Bella, 17. They are wonderful. I work at Desjardins and on my free time I like to play volleyball, cook, do gardening, get together with my family and friends, travel and, of course… volunteering. I wanted to make a difference on someone’s life, positively impact the life of someone who is in need. I like helping – it gives me a great sense of accomplishment and happiness. Shine Through the Rain takes their job very seriously and is committed to help families in need. It all started on the Children’s Christmas event and to see the smile on their faces was priceless. The administration and volunteers are super friendly and I am very proud to be part of the team.

Samantha Glen


Born and raised in Aurora, I’ve made Newmarket my home since 1998. I love my community! 

I wanted to give back to my community via an organization that truly cares about each and every person it helps. And the help that Shine provides is practical, filling a gap by meeting needs that are often overlooked.



Cathie was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland but grew up in Etobicoke and moved to Newmarket in 1992. While working full time in the technology industry and raising two children, she volunteered in different positions in their sports clubs and daycare centres.  Retiring during covid and recently going through a personal life changing event leaves time to engage with this worthy charity helping raise funds for those in need.  Shine Through The Rain interested Cathie because of the important assistance they can provide people who are struggling financially through life threatening medical conditions.

Board of Directors

Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson
Board Chair
Edward Jones

Chris Ablett

Chris Ablett

Board Member

Tracey Robertson
Patient Advocate

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