Trisha’s Story

Tisha, 53 years old, is faced with the overwhelming struggles and difficulties posed by a life altering diagnoses of secondary acute myelofibrosis, a rare form of blood cancer. Tisha has endured more than we ever want to imagine. She is a brave, strong, woman who continues to fight everyday. The heartbreaking reality is Tisha’s illness has left her unable to work, understandably falling behind on bills, and drowning in debt due to her medical treatment. Thanks to our generous donors, Shine Through the Rain has been able to play a tiny part in helping her pay a few bills and providing a small amount of relief in this very frightening time. Tisha remains positive with a courageous attitude everyday.

Positive words from Tisha:

When I got my diagnosis I was given approx. 18 months to live if I did not have the AlloSCT.  I was not ready to die yet and I still am not!!  My mantra is “I am going to kick cancer’s  #@$ so that I can continue to be everyone’s pain in the #@$!”  This positive, fighter attitude and willingness to do everything the doctors need me to, no matter how painful, no matter how sick it makes me feel is what they say will be my best weapon toward success.  I mention this because I want everyone out there who is fighting cancer to remember 90% of the battle is mind over body, positive attitude and willingness to fight every day.  – Tisha 

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