The Gift Card Project

Gift Card Project

Many patients ask us about help with expenses like gas, medical items (incontinence products, wound care supplies etc.), meals and much more that are not listed within our regular guidelines. And we’ve heard you! We are pleased to share some exciting news about a new way Shine Through the Rain will be assisting patients and their families, The Gift Card Project.

In Section 4: Further Expenses of the Rainy Day Fund application forms, you will have the opportunity to list additional expenses that fall outside the general remit of the fund. To assist with any specific expense requests, have these extra needs included in your narrative letter with a brief explanation of why this help would be particularly impactful. This will of course not guarantee this assistance, but if it is available, we will do our best to provide it. When gift cards matching these needs are obtainable, we will assist with some of these additional expenses faced by many patients during treatment of life-threatening illness.

Card types we are currently making available include:

Gas Card

Gas cards – transportation expenses are a huge cost for our families who are frequently traveling to and from the hospital from their home communities.

Grocery Card

Grocery cards – can be used at a variety of supermarkets; often we see as money becomes tighter that families must limit the nutritious foods they purchase. These nutritional limitations impact their recovery and overall wellbeing greatly.

Dining Cards

Ultimate Dining cards – for busy families to have a meal out at a variety of popular chain restaurants while they are in the hospital or in transit to a treatment center. Families also often must remain away from home for long periods of time during treatment, staying in lodging near hospitals, an additional expense. These cards help them reduce some of the cost associated with being away from home.

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons cards – a popular retailer found in hospitals for families to get a quick bite to eat between treatments or doctor updates.


Walmart cards – this retailer, found across Canada in both rural and urban locations, offers patients and their families a selection of affordable toiletries, clothing and groceries.

Shoppers Drug Mart Card

Shoppers Drug Mart cards – convenient after-hours for replenishing much needed toiletries and assistive devices, this retailer, also found across the country, offers families multiple means of comfort for those late nights away from home or quick stops between appointments.

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