Rainy Day Fund

Patients with Life Threatening Illnesses May Have Access to Financial Support If Referred by their Healthcare Professional

Expenses Include: Overdue Rent and Utilities, Grocery and Gas Gift Cards, and Reimbursement for Medical Parking and Transportation (Taxi, Uber, Ride Share, Public Transportation, Private Ambulance, Etc.)

All applications are to be submitted by your social worker or healthcare professional through our online portal.  Click the button below to get started.

NOTE: We no longer accept applications directly from the patient.   If a Social Worker requires or has not received their new login information, you can call or email us by clicking here to obtain the link to the portal with user name and password.

Please note: Shine Through the Rain will no longer be sending out emails at the end of our funding period to notify social workers of the final status of applications. Due to the high volume of emails we send out during that time, our servers have recognized us as spam which causes issues sending out emails.

From now on, social workers can individually check the status of your patients’ applications by logging on to the portal and checking for an approved or declined status. This will occur after the 15th of each month when our monthly funding period comes to a close. The status of your application will change from “Reviewing” to “Approved” or “Declined”.  Please check the “Outcome” tab for information on items approved or declined and the reasons why.

Thank you for understanding and we appreciate your continued support of Shine Through the Rain at this time. 

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