Life Insurance


Gifting insurance is an economical way to give a larger & more lasting gift.

You may deed a current life insurance policy or acquire a new policy to give in this manner.

A gift through life insurance is an easy and cost-effective way to support Shine Through The Rain Foundation of Canada.
The tax advantages of a gift of life insurance are numerous. This type of gift allows you to extend your personal influence beyond your lifetime so that you can leave a substantial legacy. It has the flexibility of letting you provide for your gift now instead of waiting to make a gift from your accumulated assets. Gifts of insurance may also be structured so that payments are modest, tax receiptable and completed in one to seven years.

Donate the policy you own but no longer need.
Often one’s financial situation or family needs change. While life insurance can be critical to providing for your family with the protection and support they need, once children are grown, educated and move away, there may be less need.

When life insurance policies are no longer needed for their original purposes they make an ideal gift. You can transfer a paid up policy making Shine Through The Rain Foundation the owner and beneficiary. In this case and under current tax laws, you would receive a tax receipt for the full cash surrender value of the policy plus any accumulated dividends. If premiums are still payable, you can elect to continue paying them but transfer ownership to Shine Through The Rain Foundation and name Shine Through The Rain Foundation as beneficiary. In this case, you will receive a tax receipt for any premiums you pay as well as for the cash value and/or accumulated dividends.

Or you can simply start a new life insurance policy.
New life insurance policies allow you to make a significant gift in the future by contributing small yearly premiums over time. For example, a non-smoking male, age 30, might pledge as little as $800 per year for five years ($3,500) to fund a $25,000 gift to Shine Through The Rain Foundation.

Easy and affordable, gifts through life insurance provide personal satisfaction and public recognition (if desired) during one’s lifetime. Simply buy a new policy and name Shine Through The Rain Foundation as owner and beneficiary. You will receive tax credits for premiums as you pay them, and you will have established a very significant gift to help people with life threatening illnesses.

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