Foundation Friends

Foundation Friends
Shine Through the Rain Foundation is a small organization with big ambitions. We are committed to delivering comprehensive support to patients and families through the intense challenges they face as a consequence of life threatening illness. The Foundation is not government funded – we rely solely on the generosity of others through donations and sponsorship, and we are sincerely grateful for each and every dollar we receive. When you donate to our organization, the money will not be channeled towards admin costs or showy marketing campaigns, it will go directly to the individuals affected by life

We are proud to say our organization delivers a compassionate service that has improved and enriched thousands of lives all over Canada. However, we can only continue our work with your help. You can make a visible and significant impact, with benefits for both your business and our organization, by becoming a Foundation Friend.

As a Foundation Friend, you will be recognized as a distinguished supporter of Shine Through the Rain Foundation. In return, we simply ask you to make a ‘Good Deed Deal’ to make a direct and positive impact on those who approach us for support.

We appreciate that our supporters want to understand how their donation is used. Our Good Deed Deals are specific and transparent, providing context and clarity in terms of need and the impact of your donation. We hope this will help you recognize the value of your support, not just to our organization as a whole, but to the families and patients who approach our Foundation.

Become a Foundation Friend by making one of the following deals:

FILL THE CART – individuals undergoing treatment for life threatening illnesses often struggle with the financial impact of their health crisis and can’t afford essential grocery items to maintain a healthy diet. Good nutrition is so important for patients to decrease risk of infection and assist the body in recovering from intensive treatments. Help us remove the burden of grocery bills by funding FILL THE CART, providing a patient affected by life threatening illness with a year’s worth of groceries to the value of $3000.

GOLDEN CAMP PASS – as well as the physical and emotional struggles that come with a life threatening illness, we see pediatric patients faced with social isolation as their deteriorating health and challenging treatment regimes can leave them restricted. However, when patients feel well enough, perhaps between treatments, they should be able to enjoy camp life, having the same opportunities as other children their age. We want to help kids be kids, and part of that experience is going to camp! Fund a $500 GOLDEN CAMP PASS to send a pediatric patient to camp.

PARK IT UP PLEDGE – when someone is diagnosed with a life threatening illness, this is often followed by frequent hospital trips for tests, treatment, consultations, and with each visit comes another travel expense. The costs pile up at an incredible rate and with each parking ticket comes more financial worry. Make a PARK IT UP PLEDGE to fund a monthly parking hospital parking permit of $200.

FAMILY FUNDAY – when life shifts from beach days and vacays to consultations and chemo, it’s hard to find light relief and enjoy some family fun. Shine Through the Rain Foundation holds awesome events throughout the year from the Teddy Bear Fair to the Candy Dash, and you could support a much needed FAMILY FUNDAY with a $40 family ticket to one of our events.

Employee Morale

Corporate donations demonstrate that companies take an active interest in their own communities and contributes to a significant boost in morale of employees. The impact of a company decision to make corporate donations can lead to improved workplace culture with increased employee involvement and a positive general attitude. Employees respect companies that care for their community.

Increased Marketing

Philanthropic businesses are some of the most powerful in the world. For example, Apple matches employee donations, and donated more that $78 million to charities in 2015. Sponsoring an event that reflects your company’s goals and values can be an excellent marketing tool, while also making a positive contribution to the community.

Good Vibes

Fundamentally, donations to a local nonprofit help better the community you live and work in, and the public recognize when a company is going the extra mile to proactively make efforts to improve the surrounding community. Your opportunities to help really are endless and the impact truly is life changing.


Upon becoming a Foundation Friend, the participating company would:

  • receive a Foundation Friend Award for year of participation
  • have their logo featured on our website, social media channels and newsletter
  • be given an opportunity to present their donation using one of our ‘giant cheques’, providing a photo opportunity and image to circulate to clients and customers
  • be entered into our draw to win two tickets for the Foundation Christmas Ball
  • receive a photograph/information detailing the individual(s) they helped through the Good Deed Deal (provided patient and family consent obtained)

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