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Illness often isolates children from their friends and the activities they love. The Camp Scholarship Program allows children in remission to reconnect with those friends and activities. The program is offered for free, and provides funding for a camp of their choice; sports, music, art, science, horseback riding, water skiing or other activities they missed most during treatment.

The Scholarship Program took shape around the idea: find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it. A simple act of compassion, so often overlooked; that’s what the children and families need. What could be more powerful?

We strive to put a smile on a child’s face, by letting them choose a camp to go to after finishing treatment and being well enough to attend a regular camp. To register, see below.

Help us send more kids to camp
Help us to put a smile on a child’s face again. We need your support to send children with illnesses to camp, and to deliver backpacks to more children! We are fully supported by private donors, and only with your help, we will be able to increase our support for these children.

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Scholarship Eligibility
Any child under the age of 15  who is undergoing treatment and those children who have completed treatment and feel well enough to attend a camp setting are eligible. Healthcare professionals need to submit applications through our online portal.  Programs are available throughout Canada. You can nominate a child by calling us at 1-866-753-0303 (in the Toronto/Newmarket area call (905) 477-7743) or by completing the application form.

Before applying to the Camp Scholarship Program, please note the following:

  • Applications can be considered year-round.
  • All camp candidates for consideration must be under the age of 15.
  • Camp candidates must be patients in active treatment or remission from life threatening illness, OR
  • Camp candidates may be dependents of a parent/guardian in active treatment for a life-threatening illness.
  • When reviewing applications, a camp candidate’s remission date will be taken into consideration for funding.
  • A maximum of $500 may be approved per camp candidate, per year. A Camp Scholarship place may be at any camp of the applicant’s choosing (within Canada).
  • Applications must be submitted in the current calendar year. Typically, the child’s family pays for camp, and they send us a receipt verifying payment and then we reimburse the family. However, If the family cannot afford to pay up front, the camp is usually kind enough to present an invoice and if Shine Through the Rain Foundation approves the application, we then pay the invoice directly to the camp (in this case, we send the family a cheque for payment in the name of the camp).
  • Section 1: Complete the Family Information section of the application, being sure to complete all questions, including family income.
  • Section 2: Complete the Health Information section of the application, being sure to complete the Referring Health Care Professional contact information.
  • Section 3: Complete the Camp Information section of the application, being sure to include the total payable amount, the type of camp and the camp’s name and address.
  • Section 4: Include a copy of the camp invoice or registration form. If a copy of the invoice or registration form is not attached, the application will not be considered for funding.
  • Section 5: Include a brief narrative from an appropriate Health Care Professional, describing the patient’s situation, impact on the camp candidate, the family’s need and any further information to support the application.
  • Section 6: Applications must be reviewed, signed and dated by both the Parent/Guardian and Health Care Professional.
  • All Health Care Professionals will receive notification (approved or declined applications) via email.
  • Cheques will be made payable to each camp and sent to the family for distribution and delivery.
  • Financial assistance program for Canadian citizens who are currently in treatment at a maximum of $500 per person per year. Admission criterion: annual income of less than $60,000 annually.
  • Must be submitted by a social worker through the online portal. 

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